Corporate Policy
Catalyst Management
Catalyst handling in refineries, as carried out nowadays, does not have a very long tradition in Europe. It was only towards the end of the seventies that this method originating in the U.S. was established in Europe as a response to increasing quality demands on petroleum products and the use of catalysts. Since about 1990 the significance of handling quality, the time constraints, the legal and compliance requirements ... >>

We are interested in an open relationship with our customers based on partnership and mutual economic benefit. Fulfilling various legal and compliance requirements, including safety regulations, quality control, health and environmental protection, as well as customer specific expectations are of equal importance to us.

Specific Goals

Any service provided must be evaluated on the basis of whether it fulfills the goals defined jointly with the client. In order to fully understand customer requirements, we work closely with the customer during the planning and execution stages.

Team oriented

We carry out our task in close cooperation and open dialogue with your functional departments. You will be kept informed about individual steps in the process and can monitor schedules and services provided.


We offer our services worldwide.

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