Catalyst management, shutdown, time and logistics planning
Risk analysis
Catalyst handling is a recurring task during plant shutdowns and due to its specific character can only be carried out by specialized companies. Work required for safety reasons and done under a nitrogen atmosphere tends to be potentially dangerous. This type of work must conform to particular occupational safety and health requirements and also requires specific training and experience ... >>

Catalyst handling in refineries, as carried out nowadays, does not have a very long tradition in Europe. It was only towards the end of the seventies that this method originating in the U.S. was established in Europe as a response to increasing quality demands on petroleum products and the use of catalysts. Since about 1990 the significance of handling quality, the time constraints, the legal and compliance requirements concerning safety standards for work under nitrogen conditions as well as environmental protection concerns have greatly increased.

Interruptions in the production cycle due to catalyst replacement in a cat cracker plant have dramatically fallen compared to the past.

Our Objectives

Identifying and realizing any potential to optimize the process with the goal of keeping the shutdown time to a minimum, improving safety and quality standards by means of detailed shutdown and logistics planning in cooperation with all involved parties in your company. Strict project control ensures that the shutdown schedule is kept, informs you about deviations from the plan and provides room for decision making.

Target customers

  • Refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Plant engineering and construction companies
  • Industrial service companies

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