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CatConsult involved in 2 major refinery shutdowns in March 2007
Miro refinery Karlsruhe Germany and Hellenic Aspropyrgos Refinery/Greece ... >>

In times of decreasing resources and heightened environmental controls, catalysts play an increasingly important role for crude oil processing in the petroleum industry.

In order to maintain competitiveness, the goal of avoiding unnecessary shutdown of production facilities and facilitating best performance of the plants is top priority. Plant shutdowns necessary for technical reasons should nowadays be carried out in an accident free and safe manner in the shortest time possible.

CatConsult offers you professional support in these areas to help you achieve your goals. A decade of experience and detailed knowledge of most European refineries are at your disposal and guarantee qualified solutions.

The business objective of CatConsult is to provide the petroleum refining, chemical and LNG industries with expert technical support. Please contact for further information.

Representation of Breathing Systems Inc.

CatConsult is the official representative of Life Support Systems manufactured by the US Company, Breathing Systems Inc. (BSI). BSI is a manufacturer and international supplier of complex breathing systems designed to protect the lives of workers in nitrogen purged catalytic reactors and vessels in the petroleum refining, chemical and LNG industries.

The LSS-system is CE-approved since August 2006. The technology has been used for over 25 years worldwide in these industries. The Life Support System consists of a helmet system with multi-redundant breathing air supplies, communications and monitoring instrumentation and controls to provide maximum user safety. For further technical information we invite you to visit the BSI website at

Further partnerships of CatConsult
Albemarle Catalysts, The Netherlands †
Oilchem, Greece

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