Catalyst Loading Supervision
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The quality of catalyst loading and conditions of reactor internals have considerable impact of reactor performance during commercial operation of unit:

  • Achieving of predicted product specification
  • Quantity of output
  • Production cycle length/runtime of reactor
  • Product guaranty of catalyst vendor (cycle length, specification, output)

Depending on type of plant and catalyst loading method, various loading procedures (sock or dense loading) can be applied. The methodology is specified in advance by catalyst vendor and refiner. Supervision and monitoring of these processes are further important elements to achieve an optimal catalyst loading.


Achievement of proper installation of all reactor internals by inspections and realization of perfect catalyst loading.

This will be reached by:

  • Ensuring perfect technical conditions of reactor internals
  • Optimum and safe loading of support material (ceramic balls)
  • Catalyst loading according to plan
  • Homogeneity of entire catalyst bed to avoid any preferential product flow during process (hot spots)

The entire loading process and inspection results are documented in a loading report and enable later traceability and analysis of loading process.

Target group
  • Refineries
  • Service providers in the field of catalyst handling

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