Management systems SCC**, EN ISO 9000, EN14001
Project management
Detailed scheduling and logistics planning of plant shutdowns, bearing in mind the available resources and allotted budgets, is a key consideration in fulfilling the demands made on professional shutdown management. Supervision and coordination of various activities, schedule checks and detailed reporting during a plant shutdown coupled with comprehensive coordination make sure that your objectives ... >>

An integrated management system, including aspects of environmental protection, is generally considered to be a suitable tool to improve the process and keep it accident free. Operating instructions will help to guarantee the consistent quality of your products and minimize the risk of accidents. Your management uses this system for process control, monitoring and traceability of various operational processes, key metrics support objective evaluation. Your customer´s expectations of a certified management system, avoiding competitive disadvantages and ensuring your company´s sustainable security nowadays can only be achieved with a management system from a reputed company.

Our Objectives

Our goal is the introduction, implementation and continuous supervision of an integrated management system consisting of elements for safety (SCC**), quality (EN ISO 9000) and environmental protection (ENISO 14001).

Furthermore, compiling a specific user manual tailored to suit your processes which contains binding operational instructions developed together with your functional departments is an important objective. In cooperation with your management team, we will develop key metrics and support you in your annual systems review.

Target customers

  • Refineries
  • Service companies

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