Risk analysis for catalyst handling under inert conditions
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Catalyst handling is a recurring task during plant shutdowns and due to its specific character can only be carried out by specialized companies. Work required for safety reasons and done under a nitrogen atmosphere tends to be potentially dangerous. This type of work must conform to particular occupational safety and health requirements and also requires specific training and experience on part of the staff. All the steps in the process have to be planned and evaluated meticulously so as to avoid any danger potential. The staff must have the appropriate qualifications, the equipment has to be technically checked and sound so that safety and health protection requirements are completely met. By commissioning external services, you transfer management obligations and can expect the commissioned company to fulfill its obligation for circumspection.

Our Objectives

Putting together risk analyses for objective appraisal of existing residual risks. Each step in the process will be examined in cooperation with the service company you have commissioned for possible risks and potential dangers. We are committed to describe the individual measures to be taken to avoid such risks. As a general priority our approach will always be to start with technical, then organisatory and finally personal protective measures. The risk analysis produced by us will be presented to your safety department for discussion and approval before work begins. Thus a conscious discussion of the individual steps in the work process before shutdown commences is assured.

Target customers

  • Refineries
  • Service bureaus in the catalyst handling sector
  • General contractors in the industrial service sector

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