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An integrated management system, including aspects of environmental protection, is generally considered to be a suitable tool to improve the process and keep it accident free. Operating instructions will help to guarantee the consistent quality of your products and minimize the risk of accidents. Your management uses this system for process control, monitoring and traceability of various operational processes, key metrics support ... >>

The quality of catalyst replacement coupled with all the mechanical work in the reactor and catalyst handling significantly impacts on the quality of the ensuing production process and its life-span. In addition, it could affect the guarantees for catalyst performance provided by the catalyst manufacturer.

As a rule, “catalyst handling” is completely managed by the commissioned company. You, as the plant operator, only have limited inspection and quality control possibilities during individual working phases. For specific questions and for details concerning reactor quality you have to rely on the service quality provided by the service company.

The perfect condition of all reactor internals combined with the compliance with the stipulated filling regulations plays a decisive role for the envisaged production goals. Only by conforming to calculated filling levels, material thickness and amount exactly can you be sure of the production quality, quantity and life-span guaranteed by the catalyst manufacturer.

Our Objectives

The expert´s report on reactors during a plant shutdown, prior to starting operations, after completion of all installations, provides you with an objective and precise status update. You can decide on further necessary measures on the basis of the report. The careful verification and documentation of the present catalyst loading is an important help for quality assurance and enables you analysing deviations from forecasted production goal. The reactor report will be supported by digital photos. You will be provided with a corroborated report that informs you about every detail as well as any technical deviation. This report can also be adjusted and integrated into the overall documentation. Reactor reports and inspection work are an important component in ensuring a faultless production process and can be used against unjustified expectations.

Reactor reports and their inspection can of course be combined with project management during a plant shutdown.

Target customers

  • Refineries
  • Catalyst suppliers
  • Plant engineering and construction companies

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