Catalyst replacement supervision
Risk analysis
Catalyst handling is a recurring task during plant shutdowns and due to its specific character can only be carried out by specialized companies. Work required for safety reasons and done under a nitrogen atmosphere tends to be potentially dangerous. This type of work must conform to particular occupational safety and health requirements and also requires specific training and experience ... >>

Careful planning of catalyst change out activities offers the possibility of direct cost reduction during turnaround. Short cuts and improvisations arising from insufficient coordination of various activities and safety risks can be avoided. Shorter downtime and safe work performance saving change out costs.

Our Objectives

Support in in preparation of specific and clear tender documentation and risk analyses in cooperation with your internal safety department.

Reduction of safety risks in conjunction with the subcontractors works. Permanent supervision of catalyst activities during the turnaround, monitoring time schedules and survey if existing QHSE standards are respected by assigned subcontractor.

Target customers

  • Refineries
  • Turn key contractors in the industrial service sector
  • Catalyst service companies

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